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Medical Screening

Personalized Weight Loss Plan

During your medical screening at Wellness Weight Loss Center, you will meet with our board-certified and trained weight loss counselors to create a personalized weight loss program designed to help you lose the weight you want to lose. Not all weight loss programs are for everyone, which is why we focus only on you during this initial consultation.

Your weight loss program will be designed based on your medical profile and how quickly you want to lose weight. At your medical consultation, our physician will perform a physical exam and review your medical history, lab results, and EKG.

Our goal is to reduce your weight and body fat to a healthy level. After reviewing your medical profile, our doctor can recommend including a prescription appetite suppressant in your weight loss program. You will be monitored for side effects and re-evaluated as you progress to your weight loss goal.

Medical Conditions and Weight Loss

Many of our clients are treated by their personal physicians for health conditions that may be improved by weight loss, such as diabetes or heart disease. At your request, we would be happy to send your doctor(s) regular reports regarding your weight loss progress.

Do you have diabetes? Whether you have type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, you probably worry about your blood sugar numbers on a constant basis. Excess weight adds to the problem and your worries over potential complications. We will help you take the worry away.

We will give you a medically supervised nutrition plan that will put you back in control. We often see that many of our clients with type 2 diabetes can reduce or eliminate their medication. What a relief! Imagine what a Wellness Weight Loss Center plan can do for you!

Wellness Weight Loss Center Is Your Weight Partner for Success

Schedule your free weight loss consultation and begin your weight loss transformation today! Call Wellness Weight Loss Center in Columbia, Maryland today at (410) 312-9355 to get started or request your free consultation now.

Individual weight loss results may vary, and are not typical.


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